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Espresso Machine Repair in Montreal

Faema Montreal offers quick and professional espresso machine repair and maintenance services in Montreal. 

Whether you own a high-end home espresso machine or commercial coffee equipment, our expert technicians are trained to tackle any problem. 

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Coffee Machine Repair Service for Domestic Espresso Machines

At Faema Montreal, we’ll make sure home baristas will not stay without their beloved coffee for too long!

We are in the business of providing our customers with “everything they need to make the perfect cup of coffee”. Well, the perfect cup of coffee requires a perfectly functioning machine!

If your home espresso machine is not working properly, our expert technicians will make sure it gets the maintenance and repair work it needs to keep producing amazingly perfect home coffee for years to come!

You Need to Fix Your Coffee Machine?

We are ready to help.

Our team of experts will make the necessary adjustments to your home espresso machine so that it will continue to perform at its maximum efficiency!

Simply come by our shop or, if you prefer to have more information before bringing in your machine, get started by filling out the quick form below.

Coffee Repair Shop

At Faema Montreal, we do more than just sell excellent coffee products.

We are also committed to repair and service domestic and commercial coffee machines. If your home espresso machine needs repair, come by our Montreal coffee repair shop. Our qualified technicians are trained to repair all the brands we carry, as well as some other brands that are currently not in our catalog.

For more information on which brands we service, contact us or complete the quick form below.

With Faema Montreal, your machine will be up and running in no time!

You purchased your espresso machine at Faema Montreal?

All our espresso machines and grinders come with a one year warranty on factory defective parts and labour. Just contact us to start the process!

Learn more about our Warranty Policy.

Do you need more information? Simply fill-out the quick form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Preventative Maintenance Service for Your Domestic or Commercial Espresso Machine

Access to exceptional espresso and coffee equipment has never been easier, but the ability to own premium quality equipment comes with the responsibility of keeping it functioning to its highest efficiency.

Faema Montreal offers a preventative maintenance service for home espresso machines and commercial equipment alike.

Whether you are in the business of making coffee or are a coffee lover who just enjoys having a good cup of coffee at home, your coffee machine needs to produce the best quality coffee it can.

Our preventative maintenance service will ensure that your espresso machine runs smoothly and will continue to do so for years to come.

For more information on our preventative maintenance service, contact us or complete the quick form below.

Note that all domestic machine maintenance is completed at our Montreal coffee repair shop and all commercial machine maintenance is completed on site. Contact us for more information on this service.

Commercial Espresso Machine Repair Service in Montreal

If you are in the business of making coffee, you need your coffee equipment to function properly.

That is why Faema Montreal offers emergency commercial espresso machines repair services in the Montreal area.

We want to ensure that your coffee equipment performs at its maximum efficiency. Simply fill out the form below and our highly trained staff will contact you within 24 hours.

Professional and Timely Coffee Equipment Repair in the Montreal Area

We service some of Montreal’s most iconic restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

Whether it’s your espresso machine, grinder or any other commercial coffee equipment, Faema Montreal’s highly trained staff will ensure the time your equipment is down is as short as possible.

Our commercial equipment repair service is efficient and cost effective.

If your commercial equipment is not performing as it should, contact us now or complete the form below. One of our qualified commercial equipment technicians will be on the scene to save the day and get your equipment working fast!

With Faema Montreal, you can expect:
  • A fast response
  • Accurate estimates
  • Quality work

We service Montreal, Laval, South Shore, West Island and the North Shore.

Your business is not located in the Montreal area? No problem! Our repair and maintenance services may be available near you. Contact us today.

Commercial Coffee Machine Installation in Montreal

Have you recently purchased one of our commercial coffee machines? We can install it for you!

 Call us today  and we will make the all necessary arrangements to have one of our qualified technicians come on site and get all your equipment set up for you.

Montreal coffee machine experts since 1968

You can trust Faema Montreal to install your new commercial coffee equipment in a professional and timely manner.

We have been providing quality service in the Montreal area for many years.

Our highly trained staff is ready to help.  Call us today  to have your commercial coffee machine installed quickly.

Your business is not located in the Montreal area? No problem! Our repair and maintenance services may be available near you. Contact us today.